Can be used for registering Mocked data, returned by the MockingURLProtocol.

  • The way Mocker handles unregistered urls

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  • The mode defines how unknown URLs are handled. Defaults to optin which means requests without a mock are ignored.

  • The HTTP Version to use in the mocked response.

  • URLs to ignore for mocking.

  • Enable request mock for NetworkAgent.

  • Register new Mocked data. If a mock for the same URL and HTTPMethod exists, it will be overwritten.

  • Register an URL to ignore for mocking. This will let the URL work as if the Mocker doesn’t exist.

  • Checks if the passed URL should be handled by the Mocker. If the URL is registered to be ignored, it will not handle the URL.

  • Removes all registered mocks. Use this method in your tearDown function to make sure a Mock is not used in any other test.