FWTabBarItem inherits from UITabBarItem, the purpose is to provide UITabBarItem property settings for FWTabBarItemContentView. Support most commonly used attributes, such as image, selectedImage, title, tag etc.

Unsupport properties: MARK: UIBarItem properties 1. var landscapeImagePhone: UIImage? 2. var imageInsets: UIEdgeInsets 3. var landscapeImagePhoneInsets: UIEdgeInsets 4. func setTitleTextAttributes(_ attributes: [String : Any]?, for state: UIControlState) 5. func titleTextAttributes(for state: UIControlState) -> [String : Any]? MARK: UITabBarItem properties 1. func setBadgeTextAttributes(_ textAttributes: [String : Any]?, for state: UIControlState) 2. func badgeTextAttributes(for state: UIControlState) -> [String : Any]?

UIView properties

  • tag

    The receiver’s tag, an application-supplied integer that you can use to identify bar item objects in your application. default is 0

UIBarItem properties

  • A Boolean value indicating whether the item is enabled, default is YES.

  • The title displayed on the item, default is nil

  • The image used to represent the item, default is nil

  • The imageURL used to represent the item, default is nil

UITabBarItem properties

  • The image displayed when the tab bar item is selected, default is nil.

  • The imageURL displayed when the tab bar item is selected, default is nil.

  • Text that is displayed in the upper-right corner of the item with a surrounding red oval, default is nil.

  • The offset to use to adjust the title position, default is

  • The background color to apply to the badge, make it available for iOS8.0 and later. If this item displays a badge, this color will be used for the badge’s background. If set to nil, the default background color will be used instead.

FWTabBarItem properties